Macromedia Freehand

We'll take either the actual Freehand file itself (.FH* files) or PREFERRABLY, EPS or PDF files exported from Freehand. We charge a $10 fee per side to export Freehand files to our print-ready format, so if you wish to avoid these charges, and you know how to convert Freehand files to EPS or PDF format, fee free to do so.

  1. With your file open in any version of Freehand, click the "File" menu, then "Export"
  2. In the Export window, select "TIFF" in the "Save as file type" pull-down menu.
  3. Click the "Setup" button.
  4. For "Resolution", type in 355; for anti-aliasing, select 2.
  5. Check the "Include alpha channel" box, then click "More"
  6. Select 32-bit for color depth, then click "OK".
  7. Click "OK" again.
  8. Make sure you've named your TIFF file and the desired hard drive location has been selected, then click "Save". Done!

Feel free to contact us via email at if you're still not clear on preparing your Freehand files.



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