Adobe Pagemaker

We'll be honest: Pagemaker is NOT one of our favorite programs; If you can design your file in ANY OTHER format, please do so. We'll take the file AS IS, however, if you have no other choice. We charge a $20 per side fee to convert your Pagemaker files to print-ready format, so if you wish to avoid these charges, and you know how to convert Pagemaker files to eps or pdf format, feel free to do so. The problem with Pagemaker is that it gives only one option for export, which if not done right, may produce low-quality results. We can make sure you get good quality prints with Pagemaker files, but it's a more painstaking process for us compared to other program files.

Do NOT export into any other format. Here are a few helpful guidelines to follow when preparing your Pagemaker files for submission to us:

  1. Obviously, make sure you follow our Basic Guidelines for designing your card, such as bleed requirements, document size, color mode, etc...
  2. For PC users, include in your ZIP or STUFFIT file ALL FONTS used in the design.
  3. For Mac users: we can NOT use your font files, so your best bet would be to design your card with EXTREMELY popular or common fonts.
  4. ALSO include any outside logos, graphics or pictures you used in your design, within the ZIP or STUFFIT archive file.
  5. Make SURE you compress all relevant files mentioned above using WINZIP for PC's, or STUFFIT for Mac's. For more on these compression utilities, visit the "Compressing Your Files..." section of this site.

Feel free to contact us via email at if you're still not clear on preparing your Adobe Pagemaker Files.



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