Photoshop Format

IMPORTANT:  If you will be using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator/EPS format, CorelDraw or Microsoft Publisher, you MUST use the free design templates we have available for download FOR THESE SOFTWARE PROGRAMS/FORMATS in the appropriate "Download Templates" section of our Design Guidelines page. This will ensure the least hassle possible when preparing your designs for plating, which will virtually guarantee quicker turnaround and accurate, sharp print results. These templates are already set in CMYK mode, at the correct bleed design size, margins and resolution. All you need to do is open the template and start designing. Please make sure you save the template with the same settings originally embedded, but feel free to RENAME each file to your liking. Renaming won't change any settings unless you allow that to happen.

You can send us your Photoshop files if you're not sure how to export them to TIFF format. THERE IS NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR SUBMITTING PHOTOSHOP FILES. Simply save your Photoshop file in Photoshop Format (.psd). You must:

  1. Make sure your files are in CMYK MODE, not RGB MODE.
  2. Make sure you designed your card at 355 dpi or higher.
  3. Make sure your designs contain a bleed margin. If you leave out the bleed areas when, in fact, your designs SHOULD have bleeds, we'll give you the choice of making the corrections yourself, or having us make those bleed corrections for an additional fee of $10 per side. For details see bleeds.
  4. RASTERIZE ALL TEXT LAYERS to avoid font problems.
  5. Compress your files using either winzip (on PCs), or stuff it (on MACs).

Feel free to contact us via email at if you're still not clear on preparing your photoshop files.



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