Paper-Plastic Phone card and Calling card

2006 New launch Products

Paper Phone card + Scratch-Off panels


Full Color Paper Phone card

Pin Number + Scratch-Off panels + Bar Code

Paper Phone Card + Magnetic stripes

Paper-plastic Phone card


   The Paper Card is a kind of new product, and it's good for environment protection. It tends to replace the PVC material card progressively and is applied in the industry of fast consumption goods and entertainment, such as retail  prepaid phone card, rechargeable phone card...etc.


   Prepaid phone card or Rechargeable phone card among market is plastic and invaluable except the code. It will become an environment problem because the card can't disintegrate after people finish using it. Compared with rechargeable phone card, paper card is ¡§green card¡¨ which is good for environment protection.


   The paper-plastic phone card able to bear the high-temperature plastics or the paper coating plastics. Can be damp proof, Wear-resisting and having certain flexibility. It is reliable to comparatively carry convenient , use steadily. Usually, One side have magnetic stripe card prove message of briefing and etc. to have to print. Such as inserting the card direction.. Another side is magnetosphere or magnetic stripes.

¡@ The paper-plastic phone card can saving your shipping cost : light weight, low cost and use recycle paper material. That can be match Europe market or your client need recycle products.


New recycle paper material, low cost, light weight, saving shipping cost......

Plastic phone cards


  4C + 4C Full Color phone card with Scratch-Off panels, Magnetic stripes and Bar coding


   without a doubt today's most popular and expanding application of cards. Everyone on the go uses these handy cards to manage their telecommunications budget and make phone calls at significantly discounted rates.


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