Non-proximity IC card / e-card / Smart card

Proximity IC card:

IC card has following characteristics: anti-magnetic, anti-static, anti-breakage and   strong durability; good performance in false proof; high safety of data memory (can encrypt); large volume of data memory; low cost of applying equipment and system network environment; complete types and models; mature technical criterion, etc. People pay more and more attention to it due to its very high safety. In more and more fields, it is replacing magnetic card and other data card.

Just for the reason that IC card has several outstanding advantages, so it is widely used in finance, taxation, public safety, traffic, post, communication, service, medical treatment and insurance.

IC card is a new information treatment measure, as a new high-tech product, people pay close attention to it, and the key point is based on application of card. In future, the popularization and application of multi-functional card will change living style of whole society, so it is the key that human beings access to electronic era.

IC card refers to "Integrated Circuit Card" or "Smart Card", which was invented by a French Roland Morono in 1974. IC card is formed if an integrated circuit chip module with memory, encryption and data treatment capacity is packed into plastic base with same size as credit card.

In general, IC card can be classified into following types:
a. Non-encryption cardĦB
b. Encryption cardĦB
c. CPU cardĦB
d. Non-proximity RF card

IC card applies the standard of ISO7816

Comparison between IC card and magnetic card

Comparison item
IC card
Magnetic card
False proof very strong, hard to counterfeit easy to replication
Anti-damage Strong capacity in preventing mechanic or chemical damage, strong anti-electromagnetic capacity Not resistant to strong magnetic field and static
Information preservation period Over ten years Less than 2 years
information storage volume large small
secrecy high low
Durability erasing times over 100000 several thousand times
Flexibility With intellectuality performance passive memory medium
cost High at present low
Cost for reading and writing terminal equipment low high
Environmental requirements of system network low high

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